Sunday, June 28, 2009

Turner contemporty open.

So my work finaly made it into a show I am realy happy about that. Its a start( and a year since graduation people if you have been keeping note) here are pic from the p.v. big space ( i was anoyed about the 3 pritns not matching but thats my own silly falut ,also lighting wasnt good that the only down sides to it) 
It was a old M&S, there building a lovley big custom space Gallery however,  looks great seen lots of uni links around  ovously. Some fantastic work there i loved lookign at it all includign teh ice cream cornit sculpture, not much photo based stuff wich was intresting  and its on for 3 months so im planing to see it before i pick up the work.
ill put up more up soon as i was in a inspired mood so i took lots of photos.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Margate 2

so i whent down to margate to drop my prints off  to a art exhbtion im in  (turner contemporys), to anyone reading this who has been to Medway you will know that margate is just down the road, and it shows! althoguht i guess its better in seisson. A familer journy down  with the landscapes in part it was the same  way to uni. It was good to pick up and shoot on film again , i need to do it.

and has anyone seen the shell ladys of margate?

(thanks to Tom-Bob for the  use of his camera)


Friday, June 5, 2009